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  • SL-010 Bench Top Ionizing Air Blower


1. Cover an extended area with ionized air, air flow adjustable.

2. Air-blowing angle can be adjusted, desktop/overhead.

3. Warm air function.


  Input Voltage   110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
  Current Consumption   3.3A or 1.65A
  Air Coverage   60cm x 60cm 
  Size   570(L) x 255(W) x 125 (H) mm
  Weight   8.6 kg
  Air Volume   45-190CFM

Test Condition:


 300mm 600mm 900mm1200mm
     Left 300mm 1.3s2.5s  3.9s6.6s
 Center 1.1s 2.2s 3.6s6.5s
 Right 300mm 1.2s 2.3s 3.8s6.3s


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SL-010 Bench Top Ionizing Air Blower

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