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  • BFN-703+ Three Fan Overhead DC Ionizing Blower

BFN-703+ Three fan overhead ionizing blower has outstanding ion elimination performance. It is an ideal device for preventing static contamination & interruption in the areas of electronic production line, maintenance bench, package bench, ion blower devices, etc.

Features of BFN-703+ Overhead ionizing blower:
* Alarm or non-alarm function available (option).
* Thin, light, convenient and practical.
* With large ion output volume, can eliminate static quickly.
* Optional air speed (you can choose any air speed you like)
* Maintenance is convenient, assembled and disassembled front and back cover, easy to clean.
* Strict safety protection fittings.

Specifications of BFN-703+ Overhead ionizing blower:
* Ion-generating Mode: Corona Discharge Mode
Ion Output Voltage: ±4500V (Max)
Ion Balance Control Mode: Manual adjustment
Static Decay Time: ≤2.0S
Ion Balance Voltage: ≤±5V
Operating Current Consumption: 0.018A (Fan fixed at the highest speed)
Power Supply: AC 220V±15%/50Hz or AC 110V±15%/60Hz
Maximal Air Output: 160/280CFM
Operating Distance: 300~1200mm
Ozone Concentration: ≤0.002PPM
Noise: 42db
Environment Temperature: 0℃ ~50℃
Environment Humidity: 20%~85%RH
Weight of Ionizing Blower: 4Kg
Material: Aluminium Plates
Color: Off white + sky blue (plastic)
Dimensions (W*H*D): 955mmx85mmx180mm


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BFN-703+ Three Fan Overhead DC Ionizing Blower

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