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Max. 108 Analog Channels, Reduce Inspection Data Transfer Time to Zero

Max. 108ch Analog to Max. 96ch Analog + 48ch Logic

• Test high performance ECU boards.

• Multi-point testing of engine, driving, and ride comfort management systems.

• Record signals captured by various sensors to identify air flow, throttle, torque, speed, vibration, humidity, etc.

The MR8740T (MR8740-50) is rack-mountable data acquisition system that delivers high-speed, multi-channel measurements over maximum of 108 channels. Generate simulated signals and record at the same time using plug-and-play input units, making the waveform recorder ideal for evaluating multi-signal devices such as vehicle electronic control units (ECU). Key Features • Ideal for multipoint inspection of high performance boards such as ECU • 108ch analog to 96ch analog + 48ch logic input • Reduce time required to save to external media to max.1/100 compared with conventional method • 20 MS/s simultaneous sampling on all channels • Safe measurement with all analog inputs isolated • Supports 4K monitor to display multi-channel waveforms without overlapping • Measure 4 channels with 1 unit (4 ch analog Unit U8975, 4 ch DVM Unit U8991) • Generate constant voltage, constant current, and simulated resistance (VIR Generator Unit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Model No. (Order Code)

MR8740-50Max. 108ch, 1GW memory, main unit only

Note: A special option such as an input unit is required for the main unit. Please purchase various common options such as input code separately.



Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Number of input unitsMax. 27 slots
Number of channels[Using the U8975] Max. 108 ch analog, or 96 ch analog + 48 ch logic (when used in combination with U8975 + 8973)
[Using the 8966] Max. 54 ch analog, or 48 ch analog + 48 ch logic (when used in combination with 8966 + 8973)
*Logic unit 8973 is limited to slots 25 to 27, up to 3 units.
*Analog unit channels are isolated from each other and from chassis. Logic unit channels share a common GND with chassis.
Measurement ranges100 mV to 400 V f.s., 12 ranges, resolution : 1/2000 of range (when using 8966)
4 V to 200 V f.s., 6 ranges, resolution : 1/32000 of range (when using U8975)
100 mV to 1000 V f.s., 5 ranges, resolution : 1/1000 000 of range (when using MR8990)
1 V, 10 V, 100 V f.s., 3 ranges, resolution : 1/1000 000 of range (when using U8991)
Max. allowable input400 V DC (when using 8966; upper limit voltage that can be applied between input terminals without damage)
Max. rated voltage to earth300 V AC/DC (input and instrument are isolated; between input channels and chassis; upper limit voltage that can be applied between input channels without damage)
Frequency characteristicsDC to 5 MHz (-3 dB, when using 8966)
Max. sampling speed20 MS/s, all ch simultaneous, external sampling: 10 MS/s
Measurement functionsMemory (high-speed recording)
Memory capacityTotal of 1 G Word installed, 16 MW/ch (when using 8966), 8 MW/ch (when using U8975 or MR8990), 4 MW/ch (when using U8991)
Internal storageSSD 480 GB
Removable storageUSB memory stick ×8
Monitor outputVGA, HDMI, Display Port, Recommended resolution 1920 × 1080 dot or more
External interfaces[LAN] 1000 BASE-T, 100 BASE-TX, 10 BASE-TX (2 port) (DHCP and DNS support, FTP server/cliant, HTTP server)
[USB] USB 3.0 Series A receptacle × 4, USB 2.0 ×4
Power supply100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz (400 VA max.)
Dimensions and mass426 mm (16.77 in)W × 177 mm (6.97 in)H × 505 mm (19.88 in)D, 14.0 kg (493.8 oz) (main unit only)
AccessoriesPower cord ×1,Quick Start Manual (booklet) ×1, Instruction Manual (detailed edition) (CD-R) ×1, application disk (CD-R) ×1, blank panel (blank slot only), rack installation hardware


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