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  • CM-100R Spindle Type Automatic Screw Fastening Module

Automatic Screw Fastening Module CM-100R is designed and specialized for 6 axis robot arm, Scara robot, Gantry robot, Cartesian robot , XY TABLE and automated machinery.
CM-100R could integrate by interface plates with auto machine and quickly installed on a variety of machines .

After aiming the CM-100R on the screw hole by auto machine, CM-100R push scrw out, fasten and re-fed the screw within 1~2 seconds. ( Actual time will be calculated accord to screw length, thread width, screwdriver r.p.m. , self-tapping or not, etc. )

Adopting several automated sensing elements , the control system can control CM-100R operating status precisely .

Can estimate the weight of the CM-100R in advance to match the loading capacity of the automated robot.

CM-100R module is a best module for automation supplier.

CM-100R have pre-integrated all functions required for automatic locking screw machine. By choosing CM-100R, the supplier no need to design all the details of screw clamps, electric screwdriver, torque consideration, an abnormal movement, slide, screw feed, line configuration, signal transmission interface and installation.

CM-100R provides automation equipment manufacturers, fast delivery, stable and reliable, the best specifications and diverse optional modules, to integrate the screw fastening function into your automatic machine design rapidly.

The CM-100R can be installed as one or multiple units. Through reasonable arrangements of deliver hose, the robot arm can move for various angles.


8, In the feeder, it adopts pushing board structure to achieve low noise, small damage to the surface of the screw and stable feeding.


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CM-100R Spindle Type Automatic Screw Fastening Module

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