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  • CM-100S, CM-100G Spindle Type Automatic Screw Feeding Module

CM-100S and CM-100G are designed for fully automation purpose. You only need to integrate this module into screw fasten position. SEALS spindle type automatic screw feeding modules provides distance adjustable fastening stroke function, electric screwdriver activate controllable and adequate programable signals such as cylinder positions, torque reaching, screwfeeding or not, etc. By adopting SMC cylinders, impact absorber and linear slide unit, CM-100S and C-100G perform durability, reliability and precision for your best screw assembly components option in automation.


Automatic Feeding:

Fully automatic operation – lower cost / Semi-automatic operation – the operator can carry out preparation work during running / Double of output is possible.

Easy Maintenance:

Easy Torque adjusting without disassembly or tools / Tool bit change in 30seconds.


Up to 30 screw operation per minute / Automatic screw feeding / Vertical & Horizontal Application Available

Control Function:

Torque / Screwdriving depth / Screwdriving cycle OK, Not OK / Locking Screw warning signal (Optional)

Screwdriver Options:

Six models with different torque range and r.p.m. / Made by Japan Nitto Kohki / Especially for machinery application

Screwdriver specification:


01. Torque control electric screwdriver 02. Mounting face 03. Speed adjust Valve for jaw position cylinder 04. Speed adjust valve for bit driving cylinder 05. Jaw Base 06. Jaw 07. Bit 08. Cushion 09. Screwdriver Connection Cable 10. Air hose for two cylinders (Optional) 11. Cable Carrier (Optional)


7, Magnetic-type hand-held automatic screw fastening machine is easy for one hand operation.


Max. Stroke111 mm111 mm
Min. Stroke51.5 mm51.5 mm


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CM-100S, CM-100G Spindle Type Automatic Screw Feeding Module

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