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  • CM-TABLE-GANTRY Type XY Table Automatic Screw Fastening Machine

The gantry type automatic screw fastening machine adopts XY horizontal shifting adopts servo drive, ball screw sliding table in gantry structure, and carries X-axis rails with two Y-axis bracket rails to form a tight and stable structure. Different from cartesian robot, the repeat accuracy and loading ability are more applicable.

By integrating SEALS air blow automatic screw feeder machine, each screw can feed up to 0.2 seconds, and the high-precision XY servo slide module can greatly reduce the XY TABLE moving distance by more than 60%.

The gantry robot is solid in structure with large load, stable structure, and support for multiple screw fastening. It can save cost, high efficiency, good quality, and can be equipped with a warning function for safety light curtain. It is widely used in the engineering for automatic screw feeding and fastening for automobile parts, computer peripherals, and large metal and plastic parts.


6, In average of 1.5 seconds per a lock screw, the automatic screw feeder could reduce 1-2 operator per jobs.


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CM-TABLE-GANTRY Type XY Table Automatic Screw Fastening Machine

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