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  • ESD Tiles with Self-Lock model CP02831

Product Decriptions:

Function:Every contact made between a person's shoe grounder or conductive footwear and an ESD floor establishes an electrical connection to ground,whether the person is at rest or in motion.Any static charge that has built up on the body is instantly drained to ground by conduction.Static charge travels from person's body through the shoe strap pr too wear to the conductive medium,and then moves vertically down into the conductive adhesice layer and finally to a copper grounding strip attached most comminly your electriacl ground point.


Item:ESD Tiles with Self-Lock
Material:ESD Vinyl
Size :500mm*500mm*T3mm, 500mm*1000mm*T3mm
Size :500mm*500mm*T4mm, 500mm*1000mm*T4mm
Color: Black , Blue , Dark Gray, Speckled White
Surface Resistance for dispassive mat:<106Ω
Easy to move and put together
Anti-fatigue for workers and promote blood circulation.
Durable and Elastic
Meet ROHS requirement.
Permanent anti-static performance.


Subfloors must be structurally sound, level and even concrete, wood, metal, epoxy, terrazzo or old VCT or asbestos tile. Grout lines of ceramic tile should be leveled (to avoid telegraphing). The tile in 4mm thickness may be placed over gluedown noncushioned commercial carpet with < 6.5mm (1/4 inch) total thickness. Products and building shall be acclimatized to a temperature of at least 68F 24 hours prior to installation. Tiles shall be installed 12 mm (.5") away from walls. To accommodate thermal expansion, a 12mm (.5”) expansion space shall be provided around any approx. 50m2 (500 sf) area. (Similar to the precautions taken when installing laminate floors). Tiles can be cut to size with a circular or hack saw. Perimeter taping and grounding is with a 4mm wide conductive double sided adhesive tape
and crosstaping with circuit tape every 10 lm (33 lft.) between circuit tape. Then make multiple copper connections from circuit tape to ground with copper tape.


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ESD Tiles with Self-Lock model CP02831

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