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  • Cleanroom Shoes Cleaner

Applications: The Motoreized Shoes Cleaner is designed for cleanroom workers. Ideal for cleaning the ESD shoes for workers before entering cleanroom to avoid polluting to cleanroom from the shoes. The HEPA Filter keep the dusy from shoes in the filter. So it will nerve pollute the cleanroom.


  • Housing material: Thermoformed plastic, that resists dents and will not shed 
    particles includes HEPA filter.

  • Power: 240VAC

  • Internal vacuum system removes contaminatiing particles

  • Five Internal brushs clean deep into seams and Welds

  • Controls allow adjustable rotational speeds 

  • Waist high handle allows a convenient ON/OFF operation

  • Demensions: 18'' W x 27'' D x 10.5'' H(457mm x 686mm x 267mm)

  • Product Weight: 47lbs(21.31kg)


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Cleanroom Shoes Cleaner

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