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ESD garments is for workers in cleanroom or electronic products factories. It has antistatic function which

can protect sensitive products to avoid static damage.  

·       Item: ESD Polyester Long/Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

·       Model: CR0113PL

·       Type: Polo Shirt, Polyester, Short Sleeve

·       Material: ESD polyester fabric

·       Fabric Composition: 96% polyester + 4% conductive carbon fibre

·       Carbon Loaded Yarns (conductive yarns) in 5mm strip.  Standard Color: Blue and white. All other colors in our color

·       Fabric Weight: 150 g/m2±3%, or 180 g/m2±3%,  CE Certificate, Complies with EN 1149-1

·       Static dissipative fabric,10E5~10E9 ohms.

·       Breathable and comfortable. 


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  • รหัส/รุ่น: CR0113PL
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