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  • เครื่ิองดูุดควันสำหรับงานบัดกรี รุ่น FC-100A

Product Description:

FC-100A is a small single-station fume purifier with beautiful appearance, multi-stage filtration and small footprint. It is generally used in electronics soldering, rosin soldering and others occasion with small smoke and dust.


·       Small size, less operation space, flexible placement, nest and beautiful, easy to move.

·       The body adopts an all-metal body frame structure, which has strong impact resistance and durability.

·       High-Performance brushless fan, large air volume, high negative pressures, stable operation and low failure rate.

·       Through the manual adjustment knob, the motor can be steplessly adjusted to increase or decrease the negative pressures and air volume.

·       Aluminum alloy impeller, stable performance, good balance, large air volume, low noise.

·       Multi-layer filtration prevents large particles of smoke from clogging the main filter prematurely and prolong the life of the main filter element.

·       The filter has a modular structure, which is simple and quick to replace and low in use cost.

·       Standard configuration 0.75M black diameter 55MM universal suction arm.

·       The universal suction arm can hover freely at any position of 360°, with high flexibility.

·       It can be used when power is on, quick to get started, simple of operate, free of installation troubles.


Input Voltage

: AC 220V/50Hz


: 3 layers


: 100W

Filter type

: Pre-filter+ Hepa Filter+ Activate carbon filter

Air Flow

: 200 m3/h

Filtering effect

: 0.3µm, 99.97%

Highest pressure

: 2200Pa

Pipe Length

: 0.75M (Available upon request)

Air inlet Interface

: Ø 55MM


: <50 dB


: 5.7 kg

Overall Dimension

: L285 x W240 x H230 MM



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เครื่ิองดูุดควันสำหรับงานบัดกรี รุ่น FC-100A

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