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  • Altitude (Low Pressure)

Altitude (Low Pressure)

CVMS °Climatic produce bespoke altitude chambers designed to customers’ exact requirements. We can offer a wide range of chamber sizes and performances designed for altitude and low pressure applications across all industries. These chambers are manufactured from high quality materials and components procured from world class manufacturers and feature a colour touch-screen programmable controller for easy operation and close control of the environmental parameters specified. An typical specification is shown below.


Internal volume: 1000 litres
Temperature range: -70°C … +180°C
Heating rate: 5°C / min
Cooling rate: 5°C / min
Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5°C (at ambient pressure)
Temperature uniformity: ±2.0°C (at ambient pressure)
Humidity range: 20%RH … 98%RH
Humidity fluctuation: ±2%RH (at ambient pressure)
Pressure range: 1000mbar … 5mbar


Colour touch screen controller
SD Card data storage
RS232 communications
Viewing window


Ethernet connection
Password controller lock


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Altitude (Low Pressure)

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