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  • AIR MAX Clean Mat

Simple Manual 

Just walking on the mat prevents contaminated substances on dirt or fine dust from inflowing into indoors.

Easy Maintenance & Storage
It is easy to handle and the dirt and fine dust collected by the dust collector are easily processed through the drawer-type separator. 

Strong Durability 
AIR MAX is made of solid materials that are durable to external shocks and resistant to corrosion.
It is thereby safe in regardless to the kinds of shoes and can be useful even in raining or showing days.


  • Words first product (Patent registered)
  • Instant Air sucking method
  • No particular training is necessary
  • Blocking fine dust from shoes (snow and rain as well)
  • Pure and Clean Work Environment 
  • Easy Process of the foreign substances collected by Dust Collector
  • Durable to External Shock


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AIR MAX Clean Mat

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