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  • Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner With 8 Gallons Capacity

Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner with 8 gallons capacity

* Novelty design, the surface without screws, anti-bump
* Special stainless steel, dust-proof, easy to clean.
* 0.3um particle will be filtrated fully
* Class: 100
* Four layers of filtration system
   First layer: / Paper bag (disposed), can be collection of visual dust efficiency
   Second layer: The big size cloth filter, protect and extended the life time of HEPA
   Third layer: Motor protector, deep filter to protect motor life          
   Forth layer: HEPA or ULPA filter, can be filtrated the 0.3um particle to 99.99%, suitable for high Standards. All the HEPA pass the laser inspection.

* Capacity: 8 gallons (30 Litres) 
* Size: L*W*H (40cm*40cm*73cm)
* Body weight: 14kg 
* Voltage: 220-240V
* Power: 1200W
* Airflow: 96 cfm 42 L/sec 
* Inspiration capacity: 99″H2O 3200mm H2O 
* Vacuum suction: 22Kpa
* Noise standards: 62db (a)


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Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner With 8 Gallons Capacity

  • รหัส/รุ่น: HB-CLE1002
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