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The sticky mat, also known as sticky floor adhesive, it used the latest technology and with an environmentally friendly pressure-sensitive water glue that enables uniform adhesion of the entire surface of each layer of the sticky mat. No glue, no odor, no toxicity. The sticky mat is mainly suitable for sticking to the entrance of the clean space and the buffer zone. It can effectively remove the dust on the soles and wheels, minimize the impact of dust on the quality of the clean environment, and thus achieve the effect of simple dust removal. It solves the problem that the dust removal of other floor mats is incomplete and the dust does not expand.


Product Name: Sticky Mat

Material: LDPE coated with the water-borne acrylic adhesive ( environment-friendly)

Packing:30 layers/mat   10 mats/box   5 boxes/ctn
Colour: White/Blue 


  • 30 sheets with numbered tabs for easy sheet removal.                             

  • Structure:1st sheet-transparent PE film without glue + 29 sheets-blue PE film coated with the environment-friendly water-borne adhesive + 1 sheet-blue PE film coated with the environment-friendly water-borne adhesive on both sides+1 sheet-blue protection film. The colour of the PE film can be customized.                       

  • Adhesive strength: 500g/25mm +/- 10.                       

  • No adhesive transfer to shoe soles or Clean Room booties.                       

  • Entrance sticky mats save you money extending the life of floors, carpet, and reduces cleaning cost.                       

  • Sticky Mats help to prevent contaminants from entering a Clean Room Environment                       

  • Anti-microbial additive can be added based on the requirements.  

Applications :

The sticky mats (tacky mats) are for removing the dirt and dust on the shoe soles and wheels which is mainly used for the clean rooms of electronics industry, pharmaceutical, hospitals, laboratories, food industry and etc.       


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Sticky Mat

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