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DCR pad,the dust removal pad,it is used along with the silicone cleaning roller.It can remove the dust from the silicone cleaning rollers to ensure the cleaning roller can be repeated used.It is widely used in the cleaning process of the board surface with high cleanliness.


Product Name: White Art Paper DCR Pad

Material: 80g white art paper cover + PE Stick pads + Water-borne acrylic adhesive ( environment-friendly)

Type 1:Yellow Art Paper DCR Pad
Type 2:White Art Paper DCR Pad
Type 3:White PVC DCR Pad

Specs and Packing:





Yellow Art Paper DCR Pad


50 sheets/pad  30 pads/ctn


White Art Paper DCR Pad


50 sheets/pad  30 pads/ctn


White PVC DCR Pad


50 sheets/pad 10 pads/ctn


Adhesive: water-borne acrylic adhesive  ( environment-friendly)


  • With high performance in 'Particle Removal Ability', this product is ideal for the 'Silicone Cleaning Roller' in the PCB manufacturing process.

  • The adhesive is coated on the surface evenly, the force of friction does not degumming;

  • Environment-friendly water-borne acrylic adhesive, no odour.

  • Roll the cleaning roller on the DCR pad in one direction.

  • Tear off the dirty layer when it can't remove the dust from the cleaning roller efficiently. 


1. Application Fields

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • PCB Assembling

  • Food Industry

  • Stainless steel industry

  • Glass Manufacturing

  •  LCD liquid crystal display and etc

    2. How to use Sticky Paper Pad?

  •  Tear the surface protection film of the sticky pad

  •  Roll the sticky roller on the sticky pad in one direction;

  •  Make the sticky pad remove dust from the sticky roller

  •  Tear and replace a new layer when the first layer is dirty;

  •  Discard the dirty layer.

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    White Art Paper DCR Pad

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