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M-3 line-free wiping paper is a non-woven product made of 100% wood fibre.
Mostly used to wipe the surface of precision objects.
Low dust, low ion residual, good wiping effect, high water storage capacity.
This product is mainly used in: PCB industry, LCD industry, semiconductor industry,
Laser industry, optical industry, electronic equipment industry.



Product Name: M-3 Lint-free wiping paper

Material: 100% wood fibre

Specification: 25cm x 25cm

Packing: 100 pieces / pack 30 packs / carton



* Good antistatic performance
* High water absorption and toughness
* Strong ability to remove pollutants
* Low particle and ion, no lint

* No chemical adhesive, chemical resistance


Scope of application:

* Suitable for PCB, SMT, LCD, electronics, semiconductor production lines
* Suitable for ISO6 (Class 1000) clean rooms and general critical environments
* Suitable for cleaning work surfaces, tools, machines, finished products, etc.


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M-3 Cleanroom wipers

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