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  • สปริงบาลานซ์เซอร์ Seals (0.3kg - 5.0kg)


1. Adopt Japan material of spring which provides durable , smooth and long life features for industrial application.

2. Cost-efficient, practical and compact size.

3. Rotatory Adjusting Cover is easier for spring tension adjustment.

4. Fast and convenient installation.

5. The Anti-falling mounting hole is provided for installing safety auxiliary rope.

6. The housing is made of rustproof iron shell.

7. Adopt PU coated steel wire rope.

8. You can let the tool holding back at certain height by setting the ball-shape stopper.


Spring Balancers / Load Balancers / Tool Balancers are specially designed to free the operator from the weight of hand tools. The tool can be pulled down with least pressure, without any strain or fatigue. Handling of the tool is very easy as the load and pressure required for operation is counter balanced in the mechanism of Spring Balancers / Load Balancers / Tool Balancers itself. The operation is free of gravitational force.


ModelCapacityWeightTravelRope OptionRopy Dia.Q'ty (Ctn)G.W./CtnCuft (Ctn)
SB-6000.3-0.8 kg0.49 kg1.4 mNylon / Cable4 mm / 2.5 mm40 pcs19.8 kg1.7
SB-12000.6-1.5 kg0.52 kg1.4 mNylon / Cable4 mm / 2.5 mm40 pcs21.0 kg1.7
SB-20001.0-2.0 kg0.53 kg1.4 mNylon / Cable4 mm / 2.5 mm40 pcs21.0 kg1.7
SB-30001.5-3.0 kg0.76 kg1.5 mCable3.2 mm30 pcs22.75 kg1.6
SB-50003.0-5.0 kg0.81 kg1.5 mCable3.2 mm30 pcs24.1 kg1.6
HSB-10.3-1.2 kg0.57 kg1.6 mNylon4.0 mm30 pcs18.7 kg1.6
HSB-20.8-2.0 kg0.57 kg1.6 mNylon4.0 mm30 pcs20.1 kg1.6


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สปริงบาลานซ์เซอร์ Seals (0.3kg - 5.0kg)

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