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Colourful spun laced cleaning Wipes
Soft material, With good oil absorption, water absorption, high - strength decontamination ability, could clean the soil without detergent, do not stick oil, no floss left, durable material
Easy to wash, easy to air dry
Clean and healthy, economic benefits
Porous design can effectively avoid the growth of bacteria.
Applications: This cleaning wipe can be used to clean tableware, cooker and all wares of metal, plastics and glass.


Name: Spunlace non-woven cleaning wipes 

Material: Wood pulp/ Polyester/ Viscose/ PP   The rate can be customized

Specifications: Any size can be customized

Packing:  50 sheets/roll  80 rolls/ctn

Colour:  White, red, blue, green and etc

Grain: Porous, break

Weight: 35-120gsm    


1) Use for multipurpose cleaning: kitchen, furniture, car, floor, computer, lens, windows and etc.
2) High water and grease absorption
3) Easy to wash without detergent
4) Much more durable than cotton cloth
5) Soft touch provides you great comfort
6) Cosy and elegant look
7) No bad smell, no germ even in wet condition


It is well used in tableware, kitchenware, lampblack machine, kitchen counter and metope clean without hurting surface; Colour bright beautiful, no fading.
1. Household cleaning, kitchen, bathroom, table
2:Ideal for use in Janitorial, catering, food service.
3: Floor, instruments and furniture.
4: Hotel, restaurant, hospital and etc. 



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Spun lace non-woven cleaning wipes

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