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Kitchen paper replaces rags, which can clean the kitchen more easily and effectively, while eliminating the trouble of cleaning dirty rags. It is very convenient to use, so that everyone can easily have a clean and new kitchen! Convenient and fast, it can play a certain effecent of waterproof and oil proof, ensuring the cleanliness of the kitchen and preventing oil pollution.
The kitchen paper not only can be directly used to absorb moisture and oil from food during cooking, it is a good helper for cooking, and it can also be widely used in household cleaning.


Name: Kitchen towel paper

Material: wood pulp + fibre

Specifications: 200 x 220mm x 40 sheets /  200 x 220mm x 60 sheets

Packing: 2 rolls / package

Colour: white

Grain: embossed, break

Weight: 56G, 60G and 68G

* Material Composition:55% wood pulp and 45% polypropylene; High water and oil absorbency, absorbs more water and oil than rags.
* Higher tensile and abrasion resistance strength.
* Soft feeling and reusable nature.
* Special material, naturally degradable, environment-friendly. Can contact food directly.                                                                                    
* Economical and cost-effective.

* Versatile, economical alternative to scrap rags and shop towels. 


* Widely used in food processing industry.
* Maintaining and cleaning the workplace.
* Cleaning and wiping oil, grime and solvent with one wipe.
* Skin-friendly, availed to wipe hands.


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Kitchen towel paper

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