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Main features:

It is made of wood pulp and fibre, which is suitable for wiping with various strengths; there is no wool dust left after wiping; it has strong decontamination ability and wear resistance; it has a good feel, can be washed and reused, and is economical and affordable.
Application: machine and equipment maintenance; surface treatment with solvent; workshop maintenance and cleaning; daily work area cleaning


Product Name:  Industrial Wipers

Material:  wood pulp + fibre

Specifications:  250 x 370MM x 500 sheets / roll, etc.  (Can be customized)

Packing:  4 rolls / carton

Colour:   blue and white

Grain:  plain weave and embossing, break / unbreak

Weight: 56G, 60G and 68G 


*  High water and oil absorbency. 
*  High tensile and abrasion resistance strength.
*  No adhesives or binders,leaves no residue. 
*  Special material,naturally degradable,environment-friendly
*  Economical and cost-effective
*  Tough enough for big jobs
*  soft enough 


*  Wiping and cleaning in the kitchen appliances, around the bathroom, laundry and on the high-speed rail car manufacturing.
*  Wiping and maintaining the industrial areas such as mechanical equipments,  the fluid spill from oil compressor; the transmission belts and rollers.
*  Daily Maintaining and cleaning the workplace.
*  Surface treatment combining with the solvent.
*  Wiping the users themselves.


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Industry wipers

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