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  • Transparent Propylene Dry Cabinets, Cubage 120L

Transparent Propylene Dry Cabinets, cubage 820L
* Use the transparent series, more easy to find which part in it. Also we can protect the goods well.
* Use aluminum material for the frame, PC plastic connector part, transparent toughened glass for the cabinet body.
* Light weight easy to move.
* Stainless steel plate, anti static available, with digital date humidity meter built-in
* Transparent design, easy to manage all the storage parts.
* Quick to humidity control. The lowest humidity can reach to 15%-20%RH.

* External Size: (W*D*H) 574*517*768mm
* Inner Size: (W*D*H) 566*487*742mm
* Cubage: 220 L
* Weight: 23 Kg
* Stainless Steel Layer: 2
* Max Power: 76W
* Rated Power: 5.5(W/h)


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Transparent Propylene Dry Cabinets, Cubage 120L

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