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  • ออโต้ทรานเฟอร์ สวิทซ์ ขนาด 40แอมป์


Power bypass to secure power source
Suitable for video recorders, computers, microwave ovens...etc
Two AC INPUTS to supply to AC loads
Master input and Slave input
Input source can be generators, inverters, mains..etc
Total switching time less than 12 msec
Switching capacity: 20Amps
Frequency: 50/60Hz (selectable)
Universal output sockets to be plugged in
Easy understanding LED indicators to display the power condition

Auto Transfer Switch with master input and slave input,
which delivers power as slave input once master input fail automatically.


Model No.PM-ATS-40A
 Maximum switched capacity40A
 Master Input
 Voltage190-240 volts
 Frequency50Hz/60Hz (selectable)
 Slave Input
 Voltage0-240 volts
 FrequencyNot monitored
 Thresholds for output of Master
 For switching to Slave180 volts
 For switching to Master188 volts
 Continuous stability interval30 sec
 Dimensions (H x W x D)95 x 130 x 255 mm


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ออโต้ทรานเฟอร์ สวิทซ์ ขนาด 40แอมป์

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