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  • AC/DC Power Supply PPS-3520,  0 to 35V, 2Amp

GPIB Programmable DC Linear Power Supply
Dual output 35V/ 2A
Model: PPS-3520

  • Standard GPIB Interface
  • Electronic Calibration via Front Panel or GPIB Programmable over voltage and over current protection
  • Low ripple and noise output
  • Voltage controlled external programming
  • Output enable and disable
  • Remote sensing function
  • Programmable up/down fine tuning
  • Power-off memory
  • CE Approved

PPS-3520 GPIB Programmable Power Supply


GPIB PPS 3520 Specifications:
DC Output Max Ratings : 70W per Channel
Output Voltage : Dual 0 to 35V
Output Current: Dual 0 to 2A
Programming Accuracy :
Voltage 0.05%+2LSB
Current 0.15%+5LSB
Programming Resolution :
Voltage 10mV
Current 0.6 mA
Operating temperature 0 to 50 deg C.
Ripple and noise : 1 mV rms
Ripple peak(p-p) : 10mV p-p
Read back Accuracy
Voltage 0.1%+2LSB
Current 0.2%+5LSB
Transient Recovery 50 micro sec. typical
Programming up/down speed 15ms/20ms typical



Power requirement : 115V , 230V AC+10%, 50/60Hz
Dimensions : 8.7"(W) x 3.4"(H) x 11.8"(L) (220x86x299mm)
Weight : 18lbs (8.16kgs)
Accessories : Test leads, power cord and owners manual

Ordering information:
Triple output +30V/2.5A  TPT-3025


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AC/DC Power Supply PPS-3520, 0 to 35V, 2Amp

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