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Made of special dust-free paper, the line of the notebook is printed with special ink. Significantly reduce the generation of fine dust, enhanced ink absorption capacity. It can reduce the dust generated by the binding hole of the binding purifying notebook to the minimum.

1. Very low dust removal
2. Good heat and humidity resistance
3. Antistatic treatment on the surface, vacuum packaging


Product Brand: KM

Product Name: Dust-free notebook

Product introduction:

                  A4 Staple type 72 grams 20 sheets  10 pads / bag 10 bags / carton

                  A5 Staple type 72 grams 20 sheets 20 pads / bag 10 bags / carton

                  B5 Staple type 72 grams 20 sheets 10 pads / bag 20 bags / carton

                  A4 Spiral type 72 grames 50 sheets  5 pads / bag 10bags / carton

                  A5 Spiral type 72 grames  50 sheets 10 pads / bag 10bags / carton

                  A6 Spiral type  72 grams 50 sheets 20 pads / bag 10bags / carton


-Recyclable environmentally friendly notebook.

-Compatible with most writing methods, no stains will be produced.

-Low ion pollution.

-Low particle and fibre generation.

-Anti-static materials prevent static electricity from accumulating.



1. Suitable for Class 100 clean room
2. Take notes in a controlled environment
3. In a specific environment also acts as a log book


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Cleanroom notebook

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