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  • Antistatic Working Benches

Antistatic Working Benches
An antistatic workbench will provide a static dissipative area which will provide ESD protection for electronics assemblies being worked upon.

Antistatic workbench features:
* Working bench does not produce the static itself.
* The working bench can elimination the outside static, while the common antistatic mat only pass the static away horizontally.
* The working bench use the lengthways Control the static damage the products fundamentally.
* All the table part and painting (Metal part) import. Assure the anti-static effect keep more than 10 years, And the ESD performance permanent.
* All the parts product standard. We can adjustment the optional part of work benching when the technology change, product transition, test equipment and tools change. Reduce the costs for you relaxed


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Antistatic Working Benches

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