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  • DC400: 400A DC Mini Clamp Meter

Ideal for automotive, heavy equipment and marine DC current measurements

The DC400 is a 400 Amp DC mini clamp meter. Current Clamp measures up to 400 Amp DC in 2 ranges with one touch Auto Zero, Auto power off, data hold, and high accuracy. Complete with rubber holster, wrist strap, belt holster, and 9V battery.


  • High Accuracy and Resolution
  • One touch "Auto Zero"
  • Large 4000 count LCD display
  • Easy to use, single function meter


SpecificationsRangesResolutionBasic Accuracy
DC Current40.00A10mA±(3.5%+3d)
Dimensions8.2x1.7x1.2" (208x43x30mmmm)
Weight10.2oz (290g)




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DC400: 400A DC Mini Clamp Meter

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